Good News Stories February 2016

Ways to Wellness

Good News Stories February 2016

The Ways to Wellness team in Newcastle provide a social prescribing service for individuals with long term conditions. Please see some of their great news stories from the last month below:


Case 1.

When first meeting the client she already had a rather robust plan in her head of what she wanted. She plans to lose enough weight to feel comfortable in swimwear for her holiday in the Summer and is currently attending Slimming World. Client mentioned in passing her sleep was terrible and she doesn’t exercise. Signposted her to an Improving Sleep Class and showed her what community activities were around near to her. Immediately she asked about Aquafit and has agreed to go once a week to get fit and get her swimwear confidence back.


“You always think about making plans but it’s so much easier to sit down with someone and make a plan”


Case 2.

Client mentioned from the off she has anxiety and has been having issues with it at the moment. Became emotional during the consultation but persevered and, from that, became more determined to make changes in her life. In addition to referring her to both Why Weight & Newcastle Talking Therapies, she confidently and happily set 7 wonderful goals for herself over the next few weeks. She left very pleased and felt inspired that someone is there to listen to her.


“Life’s just so hectic right now but when I talk to you, I feel like I can actually get things done!”

Case 3.

At initial meeting was unsure if was receiving all of the money she was entitled to. After a signpost to SEARCH for a benefit check she found out that she was not as is now receiving extra £70 per week (PIPS)


Case 4.

At initial consultation expressed regret at no longer volunteering and missed working with children. She was a school governor but her role has remained as a committee member. We set goal to ask what else she could be involved with and at her 6 month review reported that she now volunteers regularly as a classroom assistant.


Case 5.

At initial meeting reported that he very rarely ate fruit or veg or cooked a meal from scratch. We set goals to try something new and I supported to find some very simple recipes. At six month review reported that he was beginning to cook from scratch once or twice per week and eating veg every day and had enjoyed trying new foods

“not 5 though maybe 3 a day”.


Highlights from Service Users:


“ I am really pleased you came with me I was nervous about going alone as I still fear my ex-partner and being outside on my own, everyone was so friendly I feel like I can get here now I know that”


“I’m busy with my grandbairns but I know I needed something to help me and I like the group it suits me”


“I’m glad we went because we bumped into an old friend we hadn’t seen and we both really enjoyed the exercises, we are going to go every week, says and I think we will really enjoy it” Anonymous


“Thank you – making a difference”