Behaviour Change Skills Training

We specialise in delivering Behaviour Change Conversation Skills Training which draws from motivational interviewing and solution focused practice as well as using a range of practical tools and strategies from other sources such as the trans-theoretical (stages of change) model and cognitive behavioural models. Our team of trainers apply their knowledge and experience of holding person centred, motivational conversations while working with people in the community. Our training is peer led, developed in the consultation room rather than the classroom.

With flexibility in mind each training module is designed so that it can be delivered as a stand-alone session or combined into a more comprehensive program. In this way we are able to deliver a learner centred program that acknowledges different baseline competencies and developmental needs.

We adopt a flexible, small group approach to training that is suited to a range of settings. Our experience suggests that a maximum group size of twenty-one works best however we are able to work with bigger groups by being innovative in our structure and facilitation.